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Welcome to the Georgia Tech Biocleanroom!

The mission of the Georgia Tech Biocleanroom is to provide the world-class scientific infrastructure to researchers from academia, industry and government agencies at an affordable rate. The Biocleanroom is one of the major and unique infrastructures in Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) and has been in service since 2009.  

The Biocleanroom is a combination of class 1000 cleanroom and bio-safety level II lab. This unique combination has become a desirable environment for contamination-free bio-related fabrication and manufacture. The facility and staff can also assist you in your printing and fabrication, materials characterization, and microscopy (optical and SEM) needs. 

For some of the applications for our expertise, please visit the Applications tab and for a complete list of cleanroom equipment, please visit the Equipment List. If you have any questions or needs please use the Contact Us form or call us at 404-520-8289 or 404-894-3522 for assistance.

Contact Information
Nikolas Roeske - Biocleanroom Process Engineer
The Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology at Georgia Tech
345 Ferst Drive, Atlanta GA, 30332
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