IEN - Biocleanroom
Georgia Tech Biocleanroom Lab Rates

Georgia Tech Biocleanroom Rates for FY2019:

Hourly Fee: $22/hour

The hourly rate is for logged cleanroom activity (time spent inside the cleanroom and time spent while logged into any tools.)

Staff time for consultation and execution of measurements or fabrication will be assessed at $100/hour.

The hourly and staff time rates are subject to Georgia Tech Overhead:

Georgia Tech Overhead Rates FY2019

Federal Government (Capped) - Grants and Contracts 57.8%
Federal Government (Uncapped) - DoD Contracts and DoD Industry Subcontracts 62.0%
Industry and Foreign Academic 63.8%

The current fiscal year Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rates (a.k.a. overhead or indirect) can be found at:


Contact Information
Nikolas Roeske - Biocleanroom Process Engineer
The Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology at Georgia Tech
345 Ferst Drive, Atlanta GA, 30332
404.273.8674 |