IEN - Biocleanroom
Printing and Fabrication Applications

Printing and Fabrication Applications

Nanoscribe - 3D Lithography system

Useful for:

  • Useful for fabricating high precision devices e.g. microlenses
  • Non-clogging micro-porous SU-8 filters
  • Targeted drug delivery systems
  • Fabrication of cell scaffolding to promote cell adhesion
  • Manufacturing fractal-like architectures to attain various mechanical properties
  • Allows for printing of arrays

100 micron Icosahedron Printed on Nanoscribe Photonics GT

Micro Fab - Jetlab II Inkjet Printer                              Bioforce - Nano eNabler


Useful for:

  • Life-Science related research: Useful for studying behavior for Antibodies, Proteins, Nucleic acids, and Viruses
  • Inorganic Research: Adhesives, Colloidal particles, Quantum dots, Etchants, and Solvents



Useful for:

  • Accurate deposition of conductors, dielectrics, and adhesives
  • Printing of thin barriers
  • Printing of photovoltaics and solar cells
  • PCB & Chemical machining
  • Maskless Digital Fabrications for electrical devices
  • Useful for solvent based, aqueous, nanoparticle, and UV-curable inks


Soft Lithography Bay

The Soft lithography Suite is a dedicated area within the Georgia Tech Biocleanroom which houses all the necessary tools for lithography processes.

Lithography Applications:

  • Fabrication for microfluidic devices
  • Fabrication for MEMS 
  • Deposition of photo-resist
  • PCB and Microprocessor fabrication
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