IEN - Biocleanroom

Keywords: Thermal Analysis, DSC, differential scanning calorimetry, heat flow, phase transition, TA, W/mg, TGA, thermal gravimetric analysis, weight loss

Equipment Description

The Georgia Tech TA Instruments Q600, located in the Georgia Tech Biocleanroom, provides simultaneous measurement of weight change (TGA) and true differential heat flow (DSC) on the same sample from ambient to 1,500 ˚C. It features a field-proven horizontal dual beam design with automatic beam growth compensation, and the ability to analyze two TGA samples simultaneously. DSC heat flow data is dynamically normalized using the instantaneous sample weight at any given temperature.

Institute Georgia Tech
Department IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
Sub Tool Of
Georgia Tech Biocleanroom
System Specifications Temp range: RT - 1500 degrees C

Minimum sample weight: ~1mg

Resolution: ~0.1 micro grams

Gases: Air, Nitrogen, (other can be added upon request)
Applications DSC examples include glass transition determination and the investigation of chemical reactions, melting and crystallization behavior. Other DSC applications deal with the influence of additives, fillers or the processing of materials.

TGA measurements used for determining the relationship between mass and temperature (or time), under heating or cooling process, or under constant temperature, while the temperature is under control. Often used for % content analysis, carbon capture analysis, and thermal stability of alloys.
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