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Exaddon CERES Metal 3D Printer
Equipment Description

Exaddon’s CERES μAM system prints microscale metal objects by electrodeposition. The system is optimized for printing free-standing microscale structures such as pillars, needles, coils, and lattices on existing surfaces, such as ICs or wafers. Printing occurs at room temperature, and no post-processing is necessary. This system can print Gold, Copper and Nickel.

Printable size range is 1 μm – 1 mm, resolution < 1 μm, and structures can be located on print surfaces with <1 μm accuracy.

This makes it ideal for applications in brain-machine interfaces, semiconductor surface modification, Photonics, Drug Delivery and HF communication components.

This system is located in the Marcus Biocleanroom.


For More Information Contact:  Nikolas Roeske,, 404-273-8674

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