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Thermo is50 FTIR

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Equipment Description

The Georgia Tech Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 FTIR spectrometer, located in the Georgia Tech Biocleanroom, gives definitive answers in your analytical workload. The iS50 enables users of various skill levels to obtain results at the push of a button in applications ranging from drug and polymer development to forensic analysis and art conservation. Features: ~ 0.09 cm-1 resolution with variable aperture ~ Touch Point one-touch sampling operation ~ Gold optics ~ Fixed, single position source and detector mirrors ~ DLaTGS Detector with KBr window ~ Ge on KBr beamsplitter ~ Long Lifetime Polaris™ Infrared Source ~ High speed USB 2.0 interface ~ Upgradeable to include iS50 ATR Built-in, wide range diamond ATR ~ Accepts all Smart Accessories and many others ~ Expandable with the iS50 GC-IR and iS50 NIR modules ~ Compatible with Continuum FT-IR Microscope and TGA Accessory ~ Ready for iS50 ABX automatic beamsplitter changer ~ Without iS50 ABX: Internal storage for 2 additional beamsplitters ~ Internal Validation wheel for SPV or ValPro Qualifications included ~ Includes NIST Traceable Polystyrene and NG11 Glass ~ Sealed and Desiccated with KBr sample compartment windows

Institute Georgia Tech
Department IMS- Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
Sub Tool Of
Georgia Tech Biocleanroom
System Specifications Available spectrum range: 525 cm^-1 to 4000 cm^-1

Applications -Materials Characterization: Spectral analysis for liquid, bulk, and powder samples to determine optical properties in the IR range

-KBr Pellet compatible for powder samples

-Has Transmission accessory, Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) accessory, and gas analysis accessory (to be used in conjunction with Q600 TGA)
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