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Thermo UV-VIS Spectrometer

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Equipment Description

The Georgia Tech Evolution 220 system from Thermo Scientific, located in the Georgia Tech Biocleanroom, is a double-beam spectrophotometer, which delivers the most accurate data. Taking the ratio of the sample to the reference beam at each data point negates the effects of changing samples – especially useful for kinetics, long-term process monitoring and difficult samples. The precision monochromator drive delivers fast scanning data collection without compromising wavelength accuracy. Variable scan speeds from < 1 to 6,000 nm/min give you increased flexibility for data acquisition. Their array of accessories empowers your measurements and brings versatility and productivity to your laboratory. A complete line of sample changers, temperature control and monitoring accessories, fiber optic probe systems, and tools for measuring reflectance and transmission of solid samples work together with the Evolution 220 instrument to deliver sophistication and performance that is second to none. Integrated and straightforward communication with INSIGHT™ software gives you complete control of your measurements.

Institute Georgia Tech
Department IMS- Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
Sub Tool Of
Georgia Tech Biocleanroom
System Specifications -Range: 190nm - 1100nm

-Double Beam Geometry

-Xenon Flash lamp
Applications Used to gather spectral information in the ultraviolet & visible wavelength regions

Information can be used for:
- concentration measurements
-quantitative determination of analytes
-characterization of transistion metals, biological macromolecules, and/or conjugated organic compunds
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